Stay Focused During Finals with the CRC

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Hannah Earle
Marketing Assistant, Campus Recreation Center

Both finals and winter break are right around the corner. This means that focus, for most Georgia Tech students, is at a minimum when it needs to be at its peak. It’s crunch time as professors try to fit everything in before the end of the semester, but in the midst of schoolwork, dreading finals, and anticipating a break, how can students stay focused?

Research completed by the Office of Institutional Research and Planning in 2009 found that Georgia Tech students who frequently visit the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) have higher GPAs and are more likely to return the following year. The study also concluded that those who never visited the CRC represented a significant portion of those who had the lowest grade point averages and, more importantly, did not continue school at Georgia Tech!

While there are a number of factors that influence the academic performance of our students, data analysis indicates “that the difference in retention rates are not due to chance alone - frequency of CRC visit does play a role.” Finals, for many, make or break students’ grades in their classes, and the CRC is obviously an excellent focus booster in approaching such an important time of the semester.

The CRC is one of the most phenomenal resources available to the students at Georgia Tech. Whether students come to play basketball with friends, to reach a new personal best on the track, or to relax in the pool, the CRC offers an environment that meets the physical, emotional, and social needs of our students that are important to maintain in an academically rigorous atmosphere.

No matter what interests your student, there is an involvement opportunity waiting for them at the CRC! Our state-of-the-art facility houses many incredible features such as a 15,000 square-foot fitness center, a climbing wall, two pools, and a multipurpose gym. Third-year student Colleen Willoughby says, “I love the CRC because my workouts are never boring. If I don't want to run one day, I could play racquetball or swim instead!”

As the report concluded, “The Campus Recreation Center is a resource that, when fully utilized, enables the Georgia Tech community, particularly its students, to practice healthy behavior.” Beyond the outstanding education that Georgia Tech offers, regular use of the CRC provides so many more benefits that are important to developing a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Encourage your students to utilize the CRC in preparation for their finals- their focus will increase and studies show that their GPA’s will appreciate it!


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