Making Resolutions That Last

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Hannah Earle
Second-year, Management Major

New Year's resolutions are often the victims of abandonment. Half of the time, it’s because they’re unrealistic. The other half of the time, they weren’t real commitments to begin with. Let’s face it, changing your daily routine and altering your lifestyle is tough. So how can you make resolutions that work? Here are some easy tips on to help you set and achieve attainable goals for the next year.

Be realistic. In setting your goal, make sure it’s both a challenge and attainable. If it’s too little of a change, you’re more likely to forget about it or blow it off. However, if it puts too much on your plate, it’s easy to become discouraged and give up.

Take small steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take your time. Think practically about tangible steps to take toward your goal in the beginning.Find ways to test yourself and set dates or checkpoints. Easing into and preparing for change will make it last much longer.

Stay encouraged. Support from your family and friends will make all the difference! Ask them to check up on you and to push you towards your goal. However, don’t forget that you are your own best advocate. What inspired you to make this New Year’s resolution? Focus on your motivation when you’re discouraged! Trust that you had good reason to make it a goal in the first place.

Join a Program. If exercise and a healthy lifestyle are in your resolutions this year, the Campus Recreation Center offers a variety of programs to assist you in reaching your goals. The "New Year, New You" program in January offers students the ability to join a program at their fitness levels and reach their goals by partnering with a personal trainer or joining their group fitness program. For more information, visit the CRC’s website at!

Stay strong! You should have to work for your accomplishments. It is okay to fail as long as you keep trying to reach your goals.


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