Campus Safety Roundtable Addresses Best Practices and Resources

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal recently invited law enforcement representatives from university campuses across the state to discuss safety concerns and resources.

Topics addressed during the January 4 Campus Safety Roundtable included best practices and emerging issues, internet safety and cybercrime and the availability of state resources to support campus police and public safety departments. Deal also addressed roundtable participants.

According to Georgia Tech Police Chief Teresa Crocker, she and her law enforcement colleagues share similar goals no matter where they are located. “Although our campuses represent a diverse blend of missions, we share a common priority - the safety and well-being of every student,” she said.

The University System of Georgia reports that there are 758 full-time campus officers who are responsible for patrolling 43,000 acres and providing security services for approximately 3,200 building. The USG also noted that within the communities surrounding the campuses, all of the sworn/certified agencies have entered into mutual aid agreements with local law enforcement to request assistance on campus. In addition, campus police officers are available to assist local law enforcement in protecting the communities adjacent to the campuses.

The Georgia Tech Police Department will focus on safety awareness and crime prevention during the annual Campus Safety Day scheduled for February 10, 2012.


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