Jacket Guardian Turns Mobile Phones into Personal Safety Devices

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Georgia Tech Police Department

As part of the Institute's campus safety initiatives, Georgia Tech is providing free-of-charge a new mobile safety tool for the campus community: Jacket Guardian. Jacket Guardian enables Georgia Tech students to provide enhanced information (e.g. physical description, safety/medical conditions, emergency contacts, etc.) to public safety personnel, and allow direct access to the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) in emergency situations.

By default, your student's GT account ID and email address have been pre-loaded into the new Jacket Guardian mobile security service. In order to use Jacket Guardian, however, your student must first complete his/her Jacket Guardian profile and register their phone. Students may click here to complete this process. Students should also review their Guardian profile periodically to ensure it is up to date. Jacket Guardian protects personal information and ensures it is shared only with the first responders and only when they need it. Individual profiles are only visible when a call is made to the Jacket Guardian number. In addition, public safety operators are unable to search the system to look for specific people.

To request immediate assistance at any time, dial 404-996-0966. The operator taking the call has access to your student's Guardian profile, where critical information will be displayed to the operator to help identify and assist your student.

In addition, students can use the Guardian Timer feature whenever they are out alone, in an unfamiliar area or would like GTPD to check in on them if the timer is not deactivated. Students just need to call the timer number, 404-996-0896, set a realistic time frame to reach the destination and leave a voice message containing details about themselves and the situation (e.g. description of clothing, route of travel, etc.). When your student reaches the destination safely, they can deactivate the timer by dialing the Timer number, 404-996-0896, enter their PIN, and the Guardian Timer will be deactivated.

If the timer expires before your student deactivates it, their critical information is sent to GTPD to help identify and assist them.

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