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Major update alert (2/13/24): We updated Mercury to Drupal 10.2.3 tonight. Everything appears to have survived the move but if you have problems let us know at webteam@gatech.edu.

Heads up if you're having difficulty uploading images (10/12/23): Please use the VPN. 

Status update (9/13/23): We're still slowly chipping away at the Mercury issue queue. If you have issues you want to see addressed, this is place to go. You can follow issues and see when we have updates or solutions. If you have an issue that is not already the queue, or is not addressed on our quick fixes to common problems page, you can add it directly there or email webteam@gatech.edu.

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Hongyuan Zha Profile Louise Russo
Alex Endert Profile Raja V Palanisamy
Guy Lebanon Profile Louise Russo
Greg Turk Profile Louise Russo
Greg Eisenhauer Profile Louise Russo
George Biros Profile Louise Russo
Ellen Do Profile Louise Russo
Demetris Antoniades Profile Cristina Gonzalez
Deirdre Shoemaker Profile Derek Moon
Concettina Guerra Profile Louise Russo
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