What's New?

Status update (5/25): Apologies for the temporary outage of content items. A key function had been put in the wrong place. We've restored it.

Status update (5/24): We have been working hammer and tongs for the last month to get groups associations working properly. We believe they are now. We will be turning off blanket edit access to external news items this morning. What this means is that moving forward you should be able to edit external news items in your groups only. As opposed to every one on the site. If you can't edit your stuff, or you can still edit things that don't belong to you, let us know via one of the means detailed below.

Status update (4/12): The system has been stable for a couple of weeks, though we're continuing to pare down the Mercury issue queue. If you have issues you want to see addressed, this is place to go. You can follow issues and see when we have updates or solutions. If you have an issue that is not already the queue, you can add it directly there or email webteam@gatech.edu. If you have had problems regarding event times, disappearing keywords and/or categories, or problems with data feeding to your site, check our quick fixes to common problems page.