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PhD Proposal by Tamara Lambert Event Tatianna Richardson 05/23/2023 12:21pm 05/23/2023 12:21pm
PhD Defense by Xiaofeng Liu Event Tatianna Richardson 05/23/2023 12:17pm 05/23/2023 12:17pm
New Proof Finds the ‘Ultimate Instability’ in a Solar System Model External News Renay San Miguel 05/23/2023 11:40am 05/23/2023 11:40am
Research Impact Tools & Metrics (Online) Event Jason Wright 05/23/2023 11:22am 05/23/2023 11:23am
EndNote 20 (Online) Event Jason Wright 05/23/2023 11:20am 05/23/2023 11:21am
Library launches new suite of web accessibility options News Jason Wright 05/23/2023 11:19am 05/23/2023 11:20am
NeuroSim Series Research Recognized with Prestigious Computer-Aided Design Award News dwatson71 05/23/2023 11:12am 05/23/2023 11:15am
New Fellowships Support High-Impact Cybersecurity Research News Jason Maderer 05/10/2023 01:44pm 05/23/2023 11:10am
New Approaches, Including Artificial Intelligence, Could Boost Tornado Prediction News Michelle Gowdy 05/23/2023 11:03am 05/23/2023 11:03am
NASA Selects Five Teams to Study Lunar Science and Sample Analysis External News Renay San Miguel 05/15/2023 11:23am 05/22/2023 04:15pm
Georgia Tech to Lead NASA Center on Lunar Research and Exploration News Catherine Barzler 05/18/2023 04:01pm 05/22/2023 03:18pm
Georgia Emissions Declining, Georgia Tech-led Drawdown Georgia Research Team Shows News mpearson34 05/16/2023 04:49pm 05/22/2023 03:05pm
Engineering A New Way to Feed Gorillas News jhunt7 05/15/2023 04:19pm 05/22/2023 02:07pm
Development Studies Conference Returns with Strong Showing News mpearson34 05/19/2023 03:03pm 05/22/2023 01:34pm
What to Read This Summer News Victor Rogers 05/18/2023 02:28pm 05/22/2023 12:19pm
The Turnitin AI-Assisted Writing Indicator Event lsmith411 05/17/2023 08:03am 05/22/2023 12:19pm
A science news roundup with Short Wave External News Renay San Miguel 05/19/2023 04:23pm 05/22/2023 10:05am
PACE - Applications of Machine Learning Event mweiner3 05/15/2023 09:22am 05/22/2023 09:51am
Director of On-Campus Internationalization, Ashlee Toomey-Flinn, Receives Prestigious Award News tduong45 05/18/2023 04:41pm 05/19/2023 01:58pm
Space Lace: Net Fishing in Low Earth Orbit News Walter Rich 05/19/2023 01:12pm 05/19/2023 01:14pm