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Advanced Radar Threat System Helps Aircrews Train to Evade Enemy Missiles News Michelle Gowdy 2023-09-20
SERV@GTRI PACT Act Information Event News Michelle Gowdy 2023-09-13
GTRI Uses Haptic Technology to Enhance VR Military Training News Michelle Gowdy 2023-06-26
GTRI Researchers Support Execution of Multinational Training Exercise in Alaska News Michelle Gowdy 2023-06-13
Hybrid Ceramic-Polymer Batteries Offer Safety, High-Performance Potential News Michelle Gowdy 2023-05-31
5G and Artificial Intelligence Team Up to Optimize Military Fueling News Michelle Gowdy 2023-01-09
Mission Accomplished: An Army Veteran’s Path to Commencement at Georgia Tech News sgagliano3 2022-12-13
Campus and Atlanta Events Honor Veterans News Victor Rogers 2022-11-04
Eleven U.S. Military Officers Join GTRI's Military Graduate Research Program News Michelle Gowdy 2022-08-25
GTRI Helps Develop Wearable Sensor System to Prevent Heat Injuries Among Soldiers News Michelle Gowdy 2022-08-22
GTRI Uses AR and Line-of-Sight Calculations to Outsmart the Enemy News Michelle Gowdy 2022-08-02
Nunn School Renews Navy Fellowship Program Through 2025 News gwyner3 2022-05-25
Global Challenges and Opportunities: Leadership and the Military with Philip Breedlove News gwyner3 2021-11-04
GTRI Supports Combat Search and Rescue Missions by Implementing New Imaging Technology News Michelle Gowdy 2021-07-30
GTRI Sponsors Its First Fellow from Hiring Our Heroes Program News Michelle Gowdy 2021-07-12