Founder's Day

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Ivan Allen College Day Event Beth Godfrey 2015-03-09
Celebrating 125 Years of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech News Beth Godfrey 2014-03-28
Foege a Local Global Hero External News Lauren Langley 2012-03-28
Allen Prize Recipient William H. Foege Urges Courage to Change Poverty News Rebecca Keane 2012-03-21
Ivan Allen College Names 2012 Ivan Allen Jr. Legacy Award Recipients News Lauren Langley 2012-03-20
Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Founder's Day Research Roundtable: "Compassion and Health" Event Rebecca Keane 2012-01-19
2012 Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Founders Day and Presentation of Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage Event Rebecca Keane 2012-01-19
Allen Prize Symposium: ”Global Health and the Challenge of Hope” Event Lauren Langley 2012-01-19
Allen Prize Symposium "Pulls out all the stops" External News Lauren Langley 2011-03-28
Founder’s Day: Atlanta Mayor Reed Announces Two Partnerships with Georgia Tech News Rebecca Keane 2011-03-23
Founder’s Day: Nunn Calls for Fundamental Change; Mayor Reed Announces Partnerships with GT/IAC News Rebecca Keane 2011-03-23
Ivan Allen College Founder's Day Celebration 2011 Event Jene Gladstone 2011-03-07
Rubin to speak at Ivan Allen College Founder's Day Celebration 2011 News Jene Gladstone 2011-03-07
IAC Founder’s Day to be held March 14-15 News Amelia Pavlik 2011-03-07
Founder’s Day March 14-15 Celebrates Historical Watermark and Honors Former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn News Lauren Langley 2011-03-07