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Georgia Tech Researchers Win NSF Rules of Life Funding to Address Societal Challenges News Brad Dixon 2023-08-14
IceCube Detects High-Energy Neutrino Emission from Milky Way News jhunt7 2023-06-29
In Puerto Rico, Georgia Tech Researchers Team Up to Build ‘Landslide-Ready’ Communities News Renay San Miguel 2023-02-15
Research Aircraft to Investigate Monsoon-climate Connections News jhunt7 2022-07-20
Georgia Tech to Help Expand Research at Historically Black Colleges  and Universities News Courtney Hill 2022-07-13
Ye Zhao Receives NSF CAREER Project Award for Human-Cooperative Robot Research News Andy Haleblian 2022-06-25
Georgia Tech Plays Role in NSF’s Next Generation of Research Cyberinfrastructure Ecosystems News jwalls37 2022-04-22
Sugimoto, Monroe-White Awarded NSF Grant to Study Diversity in Scientific Workforce News gwyner3 2022-04-13
Spring 2022 Female Founders Startup Bootcamp Event Péralte Paul 2022-03-04
Georgia Tech Leads Industry Effort to Tackle the Composite and Hybrid Materials Challenge News goberst3 2021-08-23
Subterranean Investigations News jhunt7 2021-06-17
Ignacio Taboada Elected Spokesperson for IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory News jhunt7 2021-04-05
NSF Awards Prestigious Graduate Fellowships to 6 Coulter Dept. Students News Joshua Stewart 2021-03-27
Program Evaluation Frameworks: Why Do They Matter? External News Steven Taylor 2020-11-06
NSF Grant Awarded to Advance Recruitment of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Ph.D. Pipeline News jhunt7 2020-09-21