Joel Kostka

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The Earth Unlocked: Wetlands External News Renay San Miguel 2023-09-05
Rising temperatures alter 'missing link' of microbial processes, putting northern peatlands at risk External News Renay San Miguel 2023-04-10
Rising Temperatures Alter ‘Missing Link’ of Microbial Processes, Putting Northern Peatlands at Risk News adavidson38 2023-03-31
Department of Energy funds peatlands greenhouse gas study conducted by FSU Scientists External News Renay San Miguel 2023-02-13
FSU climate scientists receive Department of Energy funding to study greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands External News Renay San Miguel 2023-01-23
Whole Ecosystem Warming Stimulates Methane Production from Plant Metabolites in Peatlands External News Renay San Miguel 2022-12-09
Researchers and Alumni Aid in $2.6 Million Effort to Restore Salt Marshes in Historic Charleston News adavidson38 2022-12-06
Historic Maryville marsh damaged by drought getting new life with volunteers in the muck External News Renay San Miguel 2022-10-25
Joel Kostka Awarded $3.2 Million to Keep Digging into How Soils and Plants Capture Carbon — And Keep It Out of Earth’s Atmosphere News Renay San Miguel 2022-09-29
Faces of Resiliency External News Renay San Miguel 2022-05-18
The Faces of Resiliency video series highlights how communities are increasing their resilience to sea level rise, storm surge and flooding News mavdonina3 2022-05-13
Salt Marsh Grass On Georgia’s Coast Gets Nutrients for Growth From Helpful Bacteria in Its Roots News Renay San Miguel 2022-03-21
Getting to the Root of Plant-Soil Interactions: Optical Instrument to Give Clearest 3D Images Yet of Rhizosphere News Renay San Miguel 2021-12-02
Primary Production in the Dark Subsurface Event Jasmine Martin 2021-08-20
CMDI: Mighty Microbial Dynamics for a Healthier People and Planet News Renay San Miguel 2021-05-17