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Vogel to Lead Institute for Matter and Systems News Laurie Haigh
Machine-Vision In-Situ TEM, Worfkow Solutions, Data Management and AI Platform Seminar Event aneumeister3
XPS Workshop Event aneumeister3
Georgia Tech Unveils New AI Makerspace in Collaboration with NVIDIA News Josie Giles
NNCI Societal and Ethical Implications Webinar: Philanthropic Funding of Scientific Research Event aneumeister3
Special MEMS Industry Invited Lecture | High-Performance Fused-Silica Vibratory Micro Shell Resonator Gyroscope Event aneumeister3
Nano@Tech Spring 2024 Series | A Rubric for Using Machine Learning in Engineering Sciences Event aneumeister3
GEDC Distinguished Lecture | Frontiers in RFID-Sensing: Evolution, Advancements and Opportunities in the IoT Era Event zwiniecki3
Bakir Named Director of the Packaging Research Center News aneumeister3
Nano@Tech Spring 2024 Series | Imaging, Learning, and Engineering of Nanoparticles’ Dynamics using Liquid Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy Event aneumeister3
IEN Exponential Electronics Seed Grant Winner Announced News aneumeister3
Honoring Professor Oliver Brand: The Oliver Brand Memorial Technical Symposium at Georgia Tech News aneumeister3
GEDC Distinguished Lecture | Advanced Technology at MIT Lincoln Laboratory: From Physics to Fielded Systems Event aneumeister3
NNCI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Webinar: How to Engage with Diverse Student Populations in Entrepreneurship Event aneumeister3
Energy Materials: Driving the Clean Energy Transition News Laurie Haigh