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IEN Helps Teachers Bring Nanotechnology into the Classroom News Laurie Haigh 2023-05-17
Georgia Tech Chips Day Explores the Latest Developments in Microelectronics and Semiconductors News Laurie Haigh 2023-05-17
Multi-Institutional Team Wins $1 Million NSF Engines Development Award News Laurie Haigh 2023-05-11
Remembering Oliver Brand Event Laurie Haigh 2023-05-02
Georgia Tech Addressing the Nation’s Call for Semiconductors News Jerry Grillo 2023-05-02
In Memoriam: Oliver Brand News Laurie Haigh 2023-04-20
NNCI Societal and Ethical Implications Webinar | NNCI Societal and Ethical Implications Webinar Event Laurie Haigh 2023-04-19
BME Professor Krish Roy to Become Dean of Engineering at Vanderbilt News Jerry Grillo 2023-04-17
NNCI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Webinar | Activate Fellowships – Empowering Scientists and Engineers to Bring Their Research to Market Event Laurie Haigh 2023-04-14
Workshop on Materials for the Hydrogen Energy Value Chain Event Laurie Haigh 2023-04-14
Soft Materials and Patient-Specific Designs: Strategies for addressing complex human anatomies Event Laurie Haigh 2023-04-12
ECE Professor Omer Inan to be Featured Speaker at TEDxAtlanta 2023: WE RISE News dwatson71 2023-04-06
Driving Change: Georgia Tech Experts Lead in Electrification of America’s Roads News sgagliano3 2023-03-21
Nano@Tech Spring 2023 Series | Electrocatalysis for Clean Chemical Manufacturing and Environmental Remediation Event Laurie Haigh 2023-03-17
NNCI Education Webinar: The SEMI Foundation - Building a Bridge Between Industry and Academia Event Laurie Haigh 2023-03-09