social justice

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Black Feminist Think Tank Presents: "From Shirley Chisholm to Stacey Abrams: American Politics” Event Kayleigh Haskin 2020-01-14
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How Coeds Came to Georgia Tech: A History of Women and Engineering Education Event Amy D'Unger 2019-12-02
Hypermarginalization in Policing: The Illness Burden of Intersectional Race-Gender Disparities in Police Use of Force Event Amy D'Unger 2019-12-02
One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy Event Amy D'Unger 2019-12-02
The Political Determinants of Health: The Quintessential Tool for Achieving Health Justice in America Event Amy D'Unger 2019-12-02
Impact Expo Event Carol Colatrella 2019-11-26
Former Brittain Fellow Kate Holterhoff Publishes Article Discussing Her Pedagogy at Tech News choffman34 2019-10-04
ICLAST Social Justice in the Digital Age, DILAC Project Coordinated by Michael Hoffmann Event ralu3 2019-01-11
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