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BBISS Seminar Series - Perry Yang - 9/7/2023 Event cli762 2023-08-26
Stubbins Gallery Exhibition Opening Reception: Resilient Urban Systems Event Jessie Brandon 2015-08-20
Resilient Urban Systems: Eco City 2.0, Chongming, Shanghai Event Jessie Brandon 2015-08-20
Sino-U.S. Eco Urban Lab organizes the 2015 International Symposium on Eco Urban Design in Shanghai News Jessie Brandon 2015-05-26
Georgia Tech’s Urban Design Team Proposes a New Discourse for EcoCities: Chongming Island: EcoCity 2.0 News Jessie Brandon 2015-04-22
Perry Yang appointed Bayer Chair Professor at UNEP-Tongji University News Jessie Brandon 2014-12-17
Eco Urban Lab Opening and Presentation of the Georgia Tech /Tongji Exchange Program for degrees: Shanghai 2015-2016 Event Jessie Brandon 2014-08-18
Georgia Tech’s urban design team proposes an ecological urban plan for the Future Waterfront at the Pearl River Delta of China News Jessie Brandon 2014-07-14
Visiting Scholars Assist Guangzhou Planning Studio News Kyle James 2014-01-30
New Eco Urban Lab to build smarter, cleaner cities External News Kyle James 2014-01-29
Georgia Tech opens the Sino-U.S. Laboratory for Ecological Urban Design in Shanghai News Lisa Herrmann 2014-01-24
College of Architecture Professors Baerlecken and Yang awarded Georgia Tech Global Fund for International Research and Education (Global FIRE) Grants News Lisa Herrmann 2013-08-28
Georgia Tech Group Planning the Future of International Urban Waterfronts News Kyle James 2013-04-17
Georgia Tech professors and students advise waterfront development in Kaohsiung External News Kyle James 2013-03-26
Retrofitting Atlanta (and other urban delights) Open House 3 Event Teri Nagel 2011-04-22