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Professor David Sholl Leading New Energy Earthshot Research Center to Stem Climate Change News Brad Dixon 2023-10-18
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More than 40 Million People in the U.S. Live in Urban Heat Islands, Climate Group Finds External News Brent Verrill 2023-10-03
Machines Can’t Always Take the Heat − Two Engineers Explain the Physics Behind how Heat Waves Threaten Everything from Cars to Computers External News Brent Verrill 2023-10-02
Novel bacterial proteins from seafloor shine light on climate and astrobiology External News Renay San Miguel 2023-10-02
Energy Department Announces Largest-ever Investment in ‘Carbon Removal’ External News Brent Verrill 2023-09-29
Study Shows Underground Fluids May Enable Tectonic Plate Ruptures News Renay San Miguel 2023-09-26
The Sustainability Next Plan Transforms Vision Into Reality News cbrim3 2023-09-20
Southern California Earthquake Was Unlikely Triggered by Hurricane Hilary External News Renay San Miguel 2023-09-18
Mystery shell on Ocracoke beach External News Renay San Miguel 2023-09-18
Georgia Tech Study Sheds Light on Toxicity of Atmospheric Particulate Matter Pollution News Brad Dixon 2023-09-14
As Temperatures Climb, Flying Insects Slower to Migrate to Cooler Elevations News jhunt7 2023-09-11