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Inexpensive Airborne Testbeds Could Study Hypersonic Technologies News Michelle Gowdy 2022-11-30
Laurie Garrow Featured as Moderator at 2022 U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Aerospace Summit News Ayana Isles 2022-09-20
Chief Scientist for the GTRI Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory Receives 2022 Regents’ Researcher Award News Christa Ernst 2022-08-22
Kardomateas Chosen as the Recipient of the 2022 Spirit of St. Louis Medal News Kelsey Gulledge 2022-07-18
Your Next Personal Assistant Could Be a Drone News Michelle Gowdy 2022-05-13
13-Year-Old Starts First Day at Georgia Tech as Aerospace Engineering Student News Ayana Isles 2021-08-24
Georgia Tech Leads Industry Effort to Tackle the Composite and Hybrid Materials Challenge News goberst3 2021-08-23
Improving Turbine Blade Efficiency and Performance News vkaza3 2021-08-12
Small Satellite Proliferation, Advanced Technologies, and Their Security Implications Event Christopher McDermott 2021-05-28
Nunn School Welcomes Former NASA Astronaut and Georgia Tech Alumna as a Distinguished Professor of the Practice News jpalacios9 2021-05-07
Pamela Peralta-Yahya to Collaborate with Caroline Genzale on NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Award News kpietkiewicz3 2020-05-13
Eight ECE Students Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships News Jackie Nemeth 2020-04-15
AE Presents: "Characterization of Microstructure and Damage Evolution in Advanced Aerospace Composites Using X-ray Computed Tomography" Event Kelsey Gulledge 2019-11-14
AE Presents: "Structural Design in Motion: Computational Synthesis of Kinetic Structures Using Topology Optimization" Event Kelsey Gulledge 2019-11-11
AIAA Presents: Virgin Orbit Info Session Event Kathleen Moore 2019-10-29