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College of Computing Sends Ph.D., Online Master’s Students to Women in Cybersecurity Conference Chicago News Brittany Aiello 2018-04-03
Real-Time Captcha Technique Improves Biometric Authentication News John Toon 2018-02-19
“Instant Replay” for Computer Systems Shows Cyber Attack Details News John Toon 2017-10-28
Combination of Features Produces New Android Vulnerability News John Toon 2017-05-21
'Secure' apps in Google's Play Store are a crapshoot External News David Mitchell 2016-10-17
Georgia Tech Imagines Truly Private Web Browsing External News Tyler Sharp 2015-11-12
Georgia Tech Research Showcases How Privacy Online Remains Elusive in Today's World External News Tyler Sharp 2015-11-10
Forging an Intellectual Firewall External News Tyler Sharp 2015-10-28
SCS Lecture Series - An Overview of the Security and Privacy IRI and New Research Projects - Wenke Lee Event Birney Robert 2015-09-15
Georgia Tech Helps Thwart Cyber Attacks External News Tyler Sharp 2015-09-09
Georgia Tech Finds 11 Security Flaws in Popular Internet Browsers Using New Analysis Method News Jason Maderer 2015-08-13
Georgia Tech Receives Grant to Beef Up Military's Cyberdefense External News Tyler Sharp 2015-06-29
$2 Million Grant for Naval Research to Bolster Cyber Defense News Jason Maderer 2015-06-24
Georgia Tech Receives Nearly $2 million for Naval Research to Bolster Cyber Defense News Tyler Sharp 2015-06-24
Computers Could Talk Themselves into Giving Up Secrets External News Brittany Aiello 2014-11-04