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Kwong using NIH Director's Pioneer Award to Develop Living Biosensors News Jerry Grillo 2022-10-05
Kwong Lab Develops Biosensors for Quick Assessment of Cancer Treatment News Jerry Grillo 2022-03-10
Georgia Tech, MIT Team Wins $1.5 Million NSF Grant News jhunt7 2020-08-24
Georgia Tech, MIT Team Wins $1.5 Million NSF Grant News Jackie Nemeth 2020-08-14
SENIC Ambassadors Webinar Series: Biomimetic Understanding to Fabrication of Artificial Basilar Membrane, Blood-Brain Barrier Microchip, and SAW devices Event Christa Ernst 2020-07-17
Nano@Tech Virtual: Skin-Interfaced Wearable Sweat Biosensors Event Christa Ernst 2020-06-09
Nano@Tech: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID19 CONCERNS Event Christa Ernst 2019-12-12
Vogel Inducted into the Electrical and Computer Engineering Alumni Hall of Fame at NC State University News Christa Ernst 2019-11-14
Clone of Bakir Chosen for Dan Fielder Professorship News Christa Ernst 2019-09-16
Bakir Chosen for Dan Fielder Professorship News Jackie Nemeth 2019-09-13
Zia’s IEEE T-CPMT Paper Named among Most Popular News Jackie Nemeth 2018-06-25
Georgia Tech and NextFlex Team-Up to Make the Internet-of-Things More Flexible & Power Efficient News Christa Ernst 2017-12-07
IEN Research Focus Seminar - Microneedles to Monitor Health and Human Performance Event Christa Ernst 2017-11-28
Nanophotonics “Lab-on-a-chip” Biosensors for Portable Diagnostics Event Christa Ernst 2016-02-19
Chemistry Colloquium with Dr. Ryan Bailey Event Michael Hagearty 2011-08-26