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ISyE Doctoral Students Dipayan Banerjee and Sushil Varma Excel as Finalists in INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Student Paper Competition News Andy Haleblian 09/26/2023 05:04pm 09/26/2023 07:39pm
Supporting Research Across IPaT Labs News Walter Rich 09/26/2023 10:22am 09/26/2023 04:36pm
Team and Topic Deadline for 2023 EGHI/GT Climate Change Hackathon Event bdurham31 09/26/2023 04:20pm 09/26/2023 04:21pm
2023 EGHI/GT Climate Change Hackathon Kickoff Event bdurham31 09/26/2023 04:08pm 09/26/2023 04:08pm
Public Library Card Drive with the Fulton County Library Event Jason Wright 09/26/2023 03:57pm 09/26/2023 04:00pm
Approaching the limits of climate viability: Urban heat vulnerability in Atlanta and how to adapt Event Jason Wright 09/18/2023 09:45am 09/26/2023 03:43pm
SCL November 2023 Supply Chain Day Event Andy Haleblian 09/26/2023 02:14pm 09/26/2023 02:26pm
Study Shows Underground Fluids May Enable Tectonic Plate Ruptures News Renay San Miguel 09/26/2023 01:33pm 09/26/2023 01:58pm
Creative Writing Night Event sgagliano3 09/25/2023 04:56pm 09/26/2023 01:52pm
Computing Faculty Supporting Research That Could Cut Cancer Deaths in Half News Ben Snedeker 09/26/2023 01:34pm 09/26/2023 01:44pm
Research Impact Tools & Metrics (Online) Event Jason Wright 09/26/2023 01:40pm 09/26/2023 01:40pm
EndNote 21 (Online) Event Jason Wright 09/26/2023 01:39pm 09/26/2023 01:39pm
David Joyner, online education and artificial intelligence expert Profile Ayana Isles 09/26/2023 01:18pm 09/26/2023 01:30pm
From Seafloor to Space: New Bacterial Proteins Shine Light on Climate and Astrobiology News Catherine Barzler 09/26/2023 10:30am 09/26/2023 01:15pm
China Summer Program Information Session Event jzhu88 09/26/2023 12:42pm 09/26/2023 01:12pm
Board Game Club General Meeting Event sgagliano3 09/26/2023 11:47am 09/26/2023 11:48am
Board Game Club General Meeting Event sgagliano3 09/26/2023 11:47am 09/26/2023 11:47am
Board Game Club General Meeting Event sgagliano3 09/26/2023 11:45am 09/26/2023 11:46am
Lego Building Social Event sgagliano3 09/26/2023 11:37am 09/26/2023 11:39am
Energy Chat on Distributed Energy Resources Event sgagliano3 09/26/2023 11:28am 09/26/2023 11:30am