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Status update: Well it's been one of those weeks. Obviously it was a rougher launch than we'd intended, for a variety of reasons. The good news that over the last eight days we've squashed almost a hundred bugs, ranging from the annoying to the downright catastrophic. We have a ways to go but the Mercury issue queue is looking a lot emptier than it was a couple days ago. Six significant bugs remain, but we won't be stopping there. Expect lots of performance and usability improvements over the next week. If you have an issue that is not already the queue, please fill out the support request form or email webteam@gatech.edu.

Drupal 9+ Mercury Reader users: Eric Neville solved some issues with the reader module. Grab 2.13 asap (Composer should pick it up).

Drupal 7 Mercury Reader users: Michael Sheldon was kind enough to patch a number of issues with the Drupal 7 version of Mercury Reader which caused it to be unhappy with the new system. The new version is available here: https://github.gatech.edu/ICWebTeam/hg_reader-7.x/releases/tag/v2.20

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Title Type Author Created Sort ascending Modified
PhD Proposal by Robert Clark Event Tatianna Richardson 03/23/2023 08:37am 03/23/2023 08:37am
Earth Day Clothing Swap Event abower8 03/23/2023 07:26am 03/23/2023 07:40am
GVU Center Brown Bag, Mustafa Naseem: Patriarchy and Health: Designing Technologies for Men to Improve Women’s Health in Pakistan Event Dorie Taylor 03/22/2023 05:51pm 03/22/2023 05:53pm
Diaspora in Recent Film from the Spanish Caribbean Event sminson3 03/22/2023 05:38pm 03/22/2023 05:41pm
Algae-farming fish help coral reefs bounce back from bleaching events External News Renay San Miguel 03/22/2023 04:31pm 03/22/2023 04:37pm
STEM Education at the Heart of NSWCDD Employee’s Volunteerism External News Renay San Miguel 03/22/2023 11:26am 03/22/2023 11:27am
Gorillas Face Many Dangers. But They Can Count on Tara Stoinski External News Renay San Miguel 03/22/2023 10:58am 03/22/2023 10:59am
Bio LaunchPad Seminar Event Christina Wessels 03/22/2023 10:16am 03/24/2023 11:56am
Scripps Oceanography Leads Sessions on Climate Change, Space, and Blue Tech at SXSW 2023 External News Renay San Miguel 03/22/2023 09:59am 03/22/2023 10:39am
Respondus 4.0 and the Test Bank Network: Quickly Create Online Exams Event lsmith411 03/22/2023 09:13am 03/22/2023 09:17am
Test Event Event Andy Haleblian 03/22/2023 08:08am 03/22/2023 08:12am
Michelin Town Hall Event Andy Haleblian 03/22/2023 07:56am 03/23/2023 01:53pm
Global Media Festival: “Making Pandemics” Screening + Live Q&A Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:48pm 03/23/2023 11:53am
Global Media Festival: “The Revolution and the Land” Screening + Live Q&A With Director Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:42pm 03/23/2023 11:35am
Global Media Festival: “One Day We Arrived in Japan” Screening + Virtual Q&A With Directors Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:39pm 03/23/2023 11:33am
Global Media Festival: “Tropic Ice” Series Screening + Q&A With Director Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:35pm 03/23/2023 11:49am
Global Media Festival: “Beyond This Backyard” Screening + Virtual Q&A With Director Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:17pm 03/23/2023 11:34am
Global Media Festival: “Ascension” Screening + Virtual Q&A With Director Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:14pm 03/23/2023 11:46am
Global Media Festival: “Above the Drowning Sea“ Screening + Q&A With Director/Producers Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:12pm 03/23/2023 11:54am
History and Sociology Majors Focus Group Event cwhittle9 03/21/2023 10:09pm 03/23/2023 11:29am