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Researchers Describe First Functioning "Lipidome" of Mouse Macrophage News Troy Hilley
Tech research on seaweed-coral competition featured by Discover, NPR News Troy Hilley
School of Biology Retreat Held at Unicoi State Park News Troy Hilley
VWR Distinguished Seminar in Experimental Biology News Troy Hilley
Duffy wins Mercer Award from the Ecological Society of America News Troy Hilley
Biology hosts workshop on Computational Genomics & Transcriptomics News Troy Hilley
Biology Undergrad Award Winners Honored News Troy Hilley
New Biosensing Technology Could Facilitate Personalized Medicine News Troy Hilley
Discovery May Lead to Turning Back the Clock on Ovarian Cancer News Troy Hilley
Georgia Tech Natural Sciences Career Fair 2010 News Troy Hilley
DiChristina awarded NSF grants to study microbial metal respiration News Troy Hilley
Al Merrill wins College of Science Faculty Mentor Award News Troy Hilley
Montoya leads research cruise on Gulf oil spill News Troy Hilley
GT Medical Student chapter wins national award News Troy Hilley
Initial Trials on Ovarian Cancer Tests Exhibit Extremely High Accuracy News Troy Hilley
Antonova receives Outstanding Grad Student Oral Presentation Award News Troy Hilley
Ken Carey Receives 25 Year Service Award News Troy Hilley
Joshua Stern awarded NASA Graduate Fellowship News Troy Hilley
Clones of Crazy Ant Queens Fuel Global Invasion News Troy Hilley
School of Biology faculty participates in new NSF Center News Troy Hilley