(08-0214) Prof. Ilya Zharov, University of Utah

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    • Thursday February 14, 2008
      2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Shirley Tomes
Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Summary Sentence: Prof. Ilya Zharov, University of Utah

Full Summary: Prof. Ilya Zharov, University of Utah Responsive Nanoporous Organic-Inorganic Colloidal Materials

Prof. Ilya Zharov, University of Utah

Responsive Nanoporous Organic-Inorganic Colloidal Materials

The focus of our work is on responsive inorganic nanopores. In particular, we work on the preparation and study of nanoporous colloidal films and membranes that form via self-assembly of nanoscale-sized silica spheres into a close-packed face-centered cubic lattice and contain highly ordered arrays of three-dimensional interconnected pores 5-100 nm in size. We modify the surface of colloidal nanopores with organic moieties that can non-covalently interact with ions and molecules, and whose charge and shape respond to external stimuli, such as pH or light. As a result of the surface modification, we are able to control the molecular transport through the colloidal nanopores, either by tuning the nature and strength of the non-covalent interactions or by changing the environmental conditions. Our research addresses fundamental problems of controlling the molecular transport through nanoscale-sized artificial pores. We believe that integrating nanoscale, functional organic moieties into the surface of colloidal materials will allow creating responsive nanoscale devices with a host of technological applications in drug delivery, separations, sensing and fuel cells.

For more information contact Dr. Andrew Lyon (404-894-4090).

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