(09-1001) Prof. Andrew Lyon, Georgia Tech

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    • Thursday October 1, 2009
      3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Location: G011 MS&E Bldg
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Summary Sentence: Prof. Andrew Lyon, Georgia Tech

Full Summary: Prof. Andrew Lyon, Georgia Tech Smoothing Out the Defects with Polymer Microspheres

Prof. Andrew Lyon, Georgia Tech

Smoothing Out the Defects with Polymer Microspheres

This talk will discuss various aspects of the defect tolerance, self-healing, and geometry adaptation properties of hydrogel microspheres. Hydrogel microspheres (microgels) are micron- to submicron-sized particles, each composed of a cross-linked network of water soluble polymer. As a result of their large water content, which can easily exceed 99% by volume, microgels composed of flexible polymers such as poly(alkylacrylamides) have a high degree of conformational flexibility; they are exceedingly soft structures. We have found that this softness permits microgels to be extremely adaptive to geometric restrictions, resulting in defect-tolerant colloidal crystals where large "dopant" particles are assimilated into the lattice seamlessly. This adaptive nature is also illustrated by the passage of microgels through orifices at least 10-fold smaller than the equilibrium microgel diameter, which is potentially relevant in the use of microgels for injectable drug delivery formulations. Finally, the use of microgels in self-healing polymer films will be discussed, along with illustrations of the applicability of such films in reconstructive surgery.

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