Dr. Cynthia Bruckner-Lea, PNNL

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    • Thursday April 12, 2012
      4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Summary Sentence: Dr. Cynthia Bruckner-Lea, PNNL

Full Summary: Dr. Cynthia Bruckner-Lea, Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryBiological detection and forensics: Approaches for the analysis of complex samplesSchool Colloquium

Dr. Cynthia Bruckner-Lea, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Biological detection and forensics: Approaches for the analysis of complex samples

School Colloquium

Biological threats (pathogens and viruses) are present naturally in the environment and also can be intentionally introduced. In both cases it is critical to have reliable methods to identify the threat (biodetection) and also collect information in order to determine the source of the threat (bioforensics). This presentation will highlight some of the current biodetection and bioforensics research within the Chemical and Biological Signature Science Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. For example, in the area of biodetection, we are developing methods for the trace detection of pathogens in complex samples such as food, and evaluating multiplexed detection systems. And, in the area of bioforensics, we are developing mass spectrometry methods to detect multiple chemical signatures (such as fatty acids, carbohydrates, and proteins) that can provide insight into the method of sample production based on signatures of the organism itself or signatures in the surrounding sample.


For more information contact Prof. Jiri Janata (404-894-4898).

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