Macdonald Centenary Symposium at McGill University

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Ragauskas participates in global warming meeting.

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Art Ragauskas participates in the Macdonald Centenary Symposium, a global warming meeting at McGill University.


Some of the world-class scientists who participated in the Macdonald Centenary Symposium included Rickey Yada, University of Guelph; Wes Warren, Washington University; Bert Drake, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center; Arthur Ragauskas, Georgia Institute of Technology; Gordon Young, UN Water Assessment Program; and Don Smith, Chair of McGill's Plant Science Department.

The most powerful tool available to combat global warming is not being used adequately, according to a panel of world-class environmental scientists. That tool is education. Without more education and public awareness the threat of global warming will not be adequately addressed, experts agree.

Six experts in fields such as water management, biofuels and animal-borne viruses (such as West Nile and Monkey Pox) were invited to Macdonald Campus on Nov. 3 for the symposium "A Biorevolution in the Next 100 Years," organized by Don Smith, James McGill Professor and chair of the Plant Science Department. The goal of the Macdonald Centenary Symposium was to look ahead to the environmental research challenges of the next 100 years.

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