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Online encyclopedia on assistive technology

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ATWiki serves as a collaborative encyclopedia for dynamic online organization and editing of content related to assistive technologies.

  • Project Director Robert Todd (right) works with Ca Project Director Robert Todd (right) works with Ca

Web developers at Georgia Tech's Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA) recently announced the release of ATWiki, an online encyclopedia on Assistive Technologies (AT), any device or aid that can help a person with a disability perform activities that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

ATWiki allows for dynamic online organization and editing of a wide variety of content related to AT. It includes complete articles, research briefs, definitions, demonstrations of AT, and links to other resources. It also includes discussions and opinion of AT.

"The ATWiki is a powerful tool for sharing AT knowledge worldwide, for the simple reason that anyone, AT professional or user, can freely share research, experience and opinions with everyone," said Robert Todd, CATEA research scientist and project director. "We made it a part of our existing resource to create a one-stop shop for people needing information on AT. They can visit to find and purchase AT, and the ATWiki to learn more about types of products, research and creative ways to use AT."

The ATWiki was designed for any AT user, relatives and caregivers of those that use AT, rehabilitation professionals, educators, and researchers. It is free and public, and can be viewed and edited by anyone with access to a web browser.

"We encourage the AT community to contribute original content, review others' writing, and link together and categorize information in ways that they think are appropriate," said Callie Carroll, graduate research assistant for the project. "A wiki is a system of living documents, and encourages non-linear discussion that may be valuable to users that eschew mailing lists or forums. It also allows for a living, growing encyclopedia of AT information, authored by the AT community as a whole."

All articles on the site are viewable by the general public, but users must register with a verifiable email address before they can edit or contribute new articles. CATEA staff will monitor the site, edit, or reorganize materials as appropriate. They will also be available to answer questions that ATWiki users might have.

Instructions are provided on the ATWiki site for ease in adding content. After logging into the site, users can follow basic steps of article creation (the simplest way is to use the "Create Article" form). After saving the article it immediately goes "live," and can be viewed by anyone visiting the site.

Contribute your knowledge or learn more about AT related topics. 

For more than 20 years, the staff at CATEA has worked on a wide variety of projects and programs that focus on an array of AT. CATEA also specializes in accessible information technology, and have worked specifically on accessibility issues in the wiki software, to provide an accessible wiki experience for all users. For more information on CATEA, visit

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