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The QBioS graduate program starts a new seminar series

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QBioS PhD students of the 4th-year cohort will present their research throughout the Spring semester. Alireza Samani was the speaker for the inaugural talk, presenting his research on multicellular evolution. 

  • QBioS Seminar Series Schedule Spring 2020 QBioS Seminar Series Schedule Spring 2020
  • QBioS Seminar Series Inaugurated QBioS Seminar Series Inaugurated
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Spring of 2020 marks the beginning of a new seminar series that aims to become a tradition of the QBioS graduate program. In this first edition, the students of the 4th-year cohort will be presenting their work, as they prepare for the last stage of their program, and this will provide students of other cohorts with a deeper knowledge of the ongoing research in the program

The basis of the QBioS graduate program is interdisciplinarity and this will be reflected throughout the seminar series, where students will present discoveries that integrate theory, models, and data-driven analytics, spanning all scales of biological organization, from molecules to organisms to ecosystems.

Alireza Samani, who is co-advised by Prof. Peter Yunker and Prof. William Ratcliff, presented his research on multicellular evolution in the inaugural talk, on Monday, February 17. He got to interact with other QBioS students and faculty, who were enthusiastic about the research and gave him valuable feedback. Ali enjoyed the seminar:

"This is a great experience for us and an opportunity to interact with other QBioS students. This really strengthens our sense of community. In addition to that, once we finish the first seminar series, we will have a better sense of what the QBioS program is investigating, and we will be able to share that with the general Georgia Tech community."

For those interested in attending this seminar series, you can find a schedule in the media accompanying this article. The seminar takes place every Monday of the semester from 2-3 PM, at the Cherry Emerson Building, room 320. The seminar series is organized by QBioS students and the newly formed QBioS Graduate Student Association.

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