2020 Institute for Materials Graduate Student Fellowship


Dr. Jud Ready, IMat Deputy Director - Innovation Initiatives


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The Georgia Tech Institute for Materials (IMat) is pleased to offer a competitive seed funding program to provide topping support for graduate students across Georgia Tech.

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The Georgia Tech Institute for Materials (IMat) is pleased to offer a competitive seed funding program to provide topping support for graduate students across Georgia Tech special focus incorporation of design, theory and experiment in several “Grand Challenge” areas described further on the IMat website (www.materials.gatech.edu):

1. Biomaterials

  • Sustainable and biodegradable surfactants
  • Basic aromatics hydrocarbons from lignocellulosic materials
  • Biologically inspired design for polymer system lightweighting of automotive systems

2. Mobility & Infrastructure

  • Materials design and performance (focus on polyamides and TPU)
  • Smart biocompatible materials with sensor capabilities

3. Computing and Electronics

4. Energy (lower priority)

  • Cathode materials for Li ion batteries
  • Solid state batteries

5. Security (lower priority)

  • Ion trap materials for Quantum computing – only for design and synthesis for materials not deposited by MBE or sputtering

All projects should include a view to sustainability in regard to raw materials, carbon or energy efficiency, waste and recyclability.

Up to three IMat Graduate Student Fellows (IGSF) will be selected in this seed funding program. If selected, a $3.5K direct funding grant will “top-off” existing annual GRA stipends with the intent of adding value to the existing thesis-directed materials research workflows by introducing one or more of the following elements:

  1. High throughput methods, ranging from rapid computational or data driven screening of candidate materials to more efficient combinatorial methods for synthesis, processing, characterization and property measurements.
  2. Coupling of materials data science strategies with in situ and in operando measurements.
  3. High throughput, benchtop facilities with data integration and analytics
  4. Coupling with materials data science and informatics through collaboration with the MATIN e-collaborative platform team1 aimed at lab-to-cloud applications in the Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) with an eye towards the digital materials laboratory of the future.


· Graduate students in any academic unit may apply.

· The IGSF should seek to incorporate this experience into the student’s final thesis product.

· Awards should be used for augmentation of stipends of existing thesis-directed GRAs and not for bridging between other means of support or for augmenting TA compensation.

· Students should engage in training sessions and workshops for materials data science, and to serve as ambassadors/mentors for other students in their group and beyond.

· A statement from their research advisor regarding interest in, and commitment to these requirements is necessary as part of the proposal

· Students are encouraged to consider enrolling in the following materials informatics courses:

  • ME/CSE 8803-IMI Introduction to Materials Informatics
  • ME/CSE 8803-MIP Materials Informatics Project


-Evidence of incorporation of these areas into the workstream of the student’s thesis research.

-Students should complete the two MOOC course sequence on Coursera:

-Report due June 30, 2020 detailing: aspects explored, new capabilities developed, and how this experience has impacted their research group and/or academic unit, and benefit to GT research capabilities and/or user facilities, broadly speaking.

IGSF application format:

  • 1 page: Cover (Clearly label “IGSF Proposal”, title, name, unit, research advisor, date)
  • 1 page: Description of student’s primary materials research theme
  • 1 page: Description of plans to add value in one or more of the key areas enumerated
  • 1 page: student vita
  • Commitment statement on GT letterhead from research advisor to IGSF grant requirements, including advisor signature

Review Criteria:

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of Georgia Tech faculty. Final award selections will balance available funds with requests and review recommendations. Funding to be allocated depends upon the submission of proposals that are considered responsive to the call as outlined and recommended for support in the review process.

Applications should be submitted to https://gatech.infoready4.com/ by 11:59P ET on Friday, February 21, 2020. Award selections will be made in March 2020 and funds will be disbursed in equal increments on April, May and June 2020 pay dates.


Dr. Jud Ready, IMat Deputy Director - Innovation Initiatives jud.ready@gatech.edu


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