Dual-Degree Graduate Scholarships Awarded to Two Worthy Recipients


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Georgia Tech-Lorraine awarded scholarships to two Fall 2019 dual-degree graduate students spending a semester on the Atlanta campus.

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  • Chems-Eddine VINCENT Chems-Eddine VINCENT

Dual-Degree Graduate Scholarships Awarded to Two Worthy Recipients

For international students, the Georgia Tech-Lorraine graduate program offers a unique opportunity to spend a semester at Georgia Tech’s main campus in Atlanta after one or two semesters of study in Metz. Pursuing a master’s degree in the United States can be a significant investment for an international student. To help off-set the cost, Georgia Tech-Lorraine was pleased to be able to offer two awards – The Challenge Scholarship and the Global Fellowship. In Fall 2019, two students received financial support through these awards.

Vincent Chems-Eddine is a master’s student in Mechanical Engineering with Georgia Tech’s dual-degree program with ENSTA Bretagne. Graduating this semester, he is a recipient of the Georgia Tech-Lorraine Challenge scholarship. Born in France, Vincent is naturally curious and a globetrotter. Having always wanted to give his academics an international dimension, he chose Georgia Tech for his master’s degree because it is a prominent university with a strong global presence and emphasis on technology.

The dual-degree partnership that Georgia Tech shares with ENSTA is structured with one semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, an internship, followed by one semester at Georgia Tech’s main campus in Atlanta. The semester on the Lorraine campus in Metz helps international students transition smoothly between the “two completely different academic systems” and cultures. After interning as the Technology and Economic advisor at the French Consulate in New York, Vincent spent this fall semester in Atlanta. On the main campus, he enjoyed the freedom offered by the American educational system to choose his own courses and deepened his knowledge of his favorite topics. Vincent said that Georgia Tech-Lorraine was a key part of his success, especially given the accessibility and dedication of the program’s faculty and staff.

At Georgia Tech, Vincent felt that cultures cohabit and mix to foster innovation and encourage student’s intellectual curiosity and openness. He was impressed by the resources made available to promote student success, including the open and free Fab Labs, such as the Invention Studio, as well as the huge cultural and sports infrastructures. Vincent is particularly thankful for the scholarship because it allowed him to focus on academics and opportunities rather than financial worries, adding “I can’t express how thankful I am to Georgia Tech, GTL, staff, jury and faculty who granted me this scholarship. To them, I say thank you; thank you for making me a proud Yellow Jacket!”

Mi Zhou, the winner of the Global Fellowship, is a master’s student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. From an early age, she enjoyed mathematics and solving problems. She said that she was “always curious about the physics of stuff and how technology brings convenience in life.” Her father set up the electricity for her family’s house in China and built many things from scratch; his example inspired her interest in engineering as a child.

Mi said that seeing the rigorous research of her peers and faculty at Georgia Tech strengthened her desire to pursue further study in her field. As she began her master’s program, she was excited to study in France, which has a history of important mathematicians and is known for its refined culture. She enjoyed Metz for its “beautiful natural scenery” and research environment, as well as its lower cost of living.  Having spent a full year at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, she embraced the culture and made many friends, from colleagues in the lab to the local kids who picked cherries for her. The biggest difference between Georgia Tech and Georgia Tech-Lorraine, in her opinion, is that the main campus provides an even larger opportunity for research and student activities, as well as a larger community.

Mi is grateful for the Global Fellowship because it assisted with the higher living costs of spending a semester at the main campus. She would like to thank everyone who helped her along the way to completing her degree, saying, “I appreciate the experiences in both France and the United States; the good memories will be preserved in my heart for all of my life.”

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