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When Georgia Tech-Lorraine students are not in class or traveling, they are often participating in one of the many campus activities planned by staff and students.

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  • Dinner with a French family at Georgia Tech-Lorraine Dinner with a French family at Georgia Tech-Lorraine
  • Bureau des √Čtudiants Events (Student Organized Events) Bureau des √Čtudiants Events (Student Organized Events)
  • Celebration of French holidays Celebration of French holidays
  • Georgia Tech-Lorraine "Happy Hour" Socials Georgia Tech-Lorraine "Happy Hour" Socials
  • Food Trucks at Georgia Tech-Lorraine Food Trucks at Georgia Tech-Lorraine
  • Drawing Class at Georgia Tech-Lorraine Drawing Class at Georgia Tech-Lorraine
  • Metz Museum Visit Metz Museum Visit
  • Cooking Class at CROUS Cooking Class at CROUS

A Glimpse of Student Life at Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Each semester, the Georgia Tech-Lorraine staff plan activities for the students, and assist students in planning events of their own.  From celebrations to movie nights, the events provide stress relief and an opportunity to make new friends on campus. Take a look at the Fall 2019 events:  

  • Dinner with a French Family

Local French families open their home to Georgia Tech-Lorraine students for an evening of culinary discovery and cultural exchange. Students often develop ongoing friendships with these families.

  • Bureau des Étudiants Events (Student-organized Events)

From pumpkin carving, with intricate designs befitting Georgia Tech students, to Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings, and Board Game Night, the Fall 2019 Bureau des Étudiants (the BDE - GTL’s local student council) planned plenty of fun events for their fellow students to enjoy. The BDE activities always make for spirited study breaks and a great way for students to get to know one another!

  • Celebration of French holidays

November marked the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Georgia Tech-Lorraine’s Leonardo Program and the Georgia Tech Center for European and Transatlantic Studies hosted a screening of the film, Good Bye Lenin, to commemorate the occasion.

  • “Happy Hour” Socials

The first Monday of each month, the Georgia Tech-Lorraine staff organize a “Happy Hour” for students to enjoy fresh, non-alcoholic juices, smoothies, and fruits. The students use the time to recharge with a healthy drink and socialize with their peers.

  • Food Trucks (Waffles & Burgers)

Every once in a while, students crave a taste of home. Just in time, a food truck comes to campus to serve up burgers and fries for lunch! Plus, to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, a waffle food truck visits campus occasionally, offering giant waffles with mouth-watering toppings!

  • Weekly Drawing Classes (Leonardo Program)

Whether an amateur artist or the next Da Vinci, students can attend a free weekly drawing class held on campus. At the end of the semester, the students display their art in the Student Lounge.

  • Metz Museum Visit (Leonardo Program)

Students visit the Musée de la Cour d’Or (Museum of Metz) as part of the Leonardo Program to learn about the history of Metz. The museum features paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts collected over the past 160 years. The Gallo-Roman collection is particularly interesting.

  • Gym Access and Soccer on the Field

To benefit their physical and mental health, many students use the gym and nearby soccer field, located within walking distance of the Georgia Tech-Lorraine building.

  • Le Grand Mix

Similar to speed-dating, this speed-networking event called “Le Grand Mix” (The Big Mix) consists of students moving from table to table meeting new people every few minutes (both undergraduates and graduates). The students create connections that could benefit their studies or future career.

  • Cooking Class at CROUS

Food is essential to French culture and the traditional dishes differ greatly from what students are accustomed to in the United States. French chefs from the CROUS cafeteria, where many Georgia Tech-Lorraine students eat their meals, offer a cooking class to teach the students about the art of French cooking. This semester the students made pasta by hand and learned how to make chocolate fondant from scratch. And, of course, they got to sample their homemade delicacies!

  • Final Banquet

To wrap up the semester, the students attend a final banquet celebrating the time they spent in France and beyond, the end of classes, and their new friends. In addition to great food, the celebration features games and a photo slideshow!

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