Where are they now? InVenture Prize Second Place Winner TremorTrainer working to steady our hands

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Read more about team TremorTrainer and the impact of the InVenture Prize.

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  • TremorTrainer - 2nd place TremorTrainer - 2nd place
  • 2019 InVenture Finalist: TremorTrainer 2019 InVenture Finalist: TremorTrainer

By Jessica Barber

A team of materials science and biomedical engineers, TremorTrainer finished in second place at the 2019 InVenture Prize. Nicolette Prevost, Colten Spivey, and Nisha Goddard captivated audiences with their intuitive, weighted glove designed to help patients struggling with hand tremors. 

The glove depends on counterweight technology to allow patients to carry out everyday tasks such as writing, tying shoelaces, and buttoning shirts. Depending on the severity of their tremors, patients can add or subtract weights to meet their individual needs.

Product Updates

Since the InVenture Prize, TremorTrainer has continued to focus on making the glove more accessible and personalized.

“We are coordinating with a local seamstress to supply our gloves, and we are working on our patent,” Prevost said. “We will be providing a variety of sizes and, potentially, colors. We are working on branding the weights and we’ve completed the packaging design.” 

As the team members approach their final semesters at Tech, their future looks bright. The final pieces for the full production of TremorTrainer are coming together, and the team is continually applying the knowledge gained from competing in the InVenture Prize.

“Beyond engineering, there is a lot that goes into advertising, logo design, slogan creation, and more than we would have ever known. We can now apply these lessons during design processes to optimize product performance down the line,” the team said.

Moving Forward

Since participating in the 2019 Finals, TremorTrainer has proven itself a valuable addition to the medical field. The team has been working with medical professionals to gauge the need for therapeutic devices, especially for tremor patients. Interactions like these have opened new doors for the team, and they look forward to continued growth.

“We have come into contact with so many people who are interested in trying and buying the glove. We have received requests to expand the business outside of the United States,” they said.

The team is also thinking of ways to make TremorTrainer a truly advanced device for motor skill therapies, including incorporating sensors to gather data on an individual’s tremor to more accurately quantify the appropriate weight. 

Thoughts on the 2020 InVenture Prize

When asked about the most valuable part of their InVenture Prize journey, the team had one definitive answer.

“The coaching. We have had so much support from experienced professionals,” they said. “The InVenture Prize has taught us an immense amount about marketing, sales, and communication. Additionally, the product exposure and funding has launched us forward. On a personal level, the public speaking development was unparalleled.”        

For those students interested in the upcoming 2020 competition, the team offered some words of advice.         

“If you are passionate about your design, pursue this! Give it a shot! Think critically about the value your product provides, and why it’s needed. Think about your business strategy for manufacture, production, and sale.”




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