Robots to be the Next Service Provider?

Interview with CNN


Lalita Kaligotla

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Research from the Healthcare Robotics Lab featured on CNN

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Research from the Healthcare Robotics Lab featured on CNN.

On Friday October 15th, Prof. Kemp and graduate student Travis Deyle from the Healthcare Robotics Laboratory made a live appearance on Ali Velshi's show “The Big I” on CNN. They demonstrated their research on RFID-guided robots. A multi-disciplinary Georgia Tech team, led by Prof. Kemp, is using GATSBII (a PR2 robot from Willow Garage) to research how robots might one day assist older adults at home. Prof. Kemp described how robots like the PR2 might deliver the right medicine, at the right time, to the right person and thereby help older adults with their medicine. GATSBII used RFID to deliver a medicine bottle to Ali Velshi during the live demo.

See video on CNN.

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