Georgia Tech DOS & CHHS Seminar Friday Feb 15

Community - Engaged Operations Research: Localized Interventions, Appropriate Methods, Social Impact

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Discrete Optimization Seminars (DOS) and Center for Health & Humanitarian Systems, Georgia Tech will be hosting a seminar about community-engaged operations research by Professor Michael Johnson Friday Feb. 15!

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Join us Friday, Feb 15, 11 am - noon for our CHHS/DOS seminar featuring Michael Johnson.


  • Professor Michael Johnson Professor Michael Johnson
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Michael Johnson, Professor and Chair, Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs, McCormack Graduate School, University of Massachusetts, Boston (


Community-engaged operations research is an extension of multiple OR/MS traditions to support participatory research, localized impact and social change. It applies critical thinking, evidence-based policy analysis, community participation and decision modeling to local interventions. It emphasizes the needs, voices and values of disadvantaged and marginalized populations. It rests on a foundation of meaningful engagement with communities. Through a survey of current scholarship in two complementary areas of inquiry, ‘community operational research’ (referring to work by primarily European researchers) and ‘community-based operations research’ (referring to work by primarily American researchers), I develop principles for community-engaged OR, present critical questions that represent opportunities to expand the impact of this work, and discuss current projects whose methods and applications have the potential to enrich research and practice in operations research, management science and analytics.

WHEN: Friday, Feb 15, 11 am - noon

WHERE: ISYE Main Building, Room 126 (755 Ferst Drive NW | Atlanta Georgia 30332)

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Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems (CHHS)

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