Phantom Ringing Syndrome Is the Millennial Condition You Probably Suffer From

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The Marie Claire (UK) article “Phantom Ringing Syndrome Is the Millennial Condition You Probably Suffer From” quoted Robert Rosenberger, assistant professor in the School of Public Policy.


Living life day to day as a millennial is like navigating a minefield. You can’t even date without being confronted with a modern phenomenon – Kittenfishing, Scrooging, Roaching, Submarining, Stashing, Haunting – the list goes on. And if you thought avoiding online dating would make you immune, we have some bad news for you, because millennial phenomenons aren’t limited to dating apps, just to technology, something we all use every day. The latest issue everyone’s talking about? Phantom Ringing Syndrome … What causes phantom ringing syndrome? According to The Independent, Dr Robert Rosenberger at the Georgia Institute of Technology reported that the phenomenon is caused by ‘learned bodily habits.’

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