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Produced by the American Sociological Association, Independent Variable is a newsletter tailored especially for undergraduates.

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  • ASA Undergraduate Newsletter ASA Undergraduate Newsletter

Produced by the American Sociological Association, Independent Variable is a newsletter tailored especially for undergraduates. Our goal is to give you a fresh view on sociology, bringing you the latest news and findings from the field four times a year. We look for articles that connect sociology to current events, that demonstrate the empirical and theoretical power of the discipline, and that can help you succeed as a student. We are always looking for great content and new ideas, so if you have suggestions, comments, questions, or if you just want to say hi, send us an email at apap@asanet.org

We believe we all have a role to play, we all have an impact to make and we all have the chance to make a difference in our society.

In This Issue

In the news.  Sociologists conduct research on today's hot topics and their results are featured in newspapers, radio, and television news every day.  We'll share some examples here. 

What's up ASA?  Here's where you'll find the latest news from the discipline. 

Success in sociology.  Quick tips for effective studying, great writing, nailing tests, getting internships, and making sociology work for you. 


In the News

What is the connection between how politicians talk about immigration and people’s views of immigrants in general? 

NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday recently covered research by sociologists Ariela Schachter and Rene Flores. In their paper published in the ASA's American Sociological Review, Schachter and Flored find that many white Americans share many factually incorrect stereotypes about undocumented immigrants. For example, the authors find that white Americans associate being undocumented immigrants with criminality. They found that this is true for both Republicans and DemocratsOne stereotype that is confined to republics is that undocumented migrants are taking advantage of public programs such as welfare like They also find that Republicans are more likely believe undocumented immigrants are taking advantage of public programs. What does this have to do with political discourse? Previous research by Flores, covered in the Washington Post, found that President Donald Trump’s statements during the 2016 campaign had an effect on people’s views towards immigrants. 

Can libraries save democracy?  

A few months ago, Forbes published an op-ed suggesting that Amazon should replace local libraries to save taxpayers money. Immediately, people came out in defense of public libraries. Sociologist Eric Klinenberg has come out with a book in defense of not just libraries, but what he calls social infrastructure more generally. KlinenHe argues that place like libraries bring people together, providing a space where they can socialize, and in doing so, strengthen the social fabric of the democracy. You can read more about Klinenberg's research herehere, and here


What's up ASA?

Introducing Mary Romero, 2019 ASA President 

ASA is very excited to welcome it's new President, Mary Romero. Dr. Romero is Professor of Justice Studies and Social Inquiry at Arizona State University. Click here to read more about her.  


Success in Sociology

Thinking about applying to grad school? 

It is never to early to start preparing! Even if you are not applying this year, it is always a good idea to start thinking about what you'll need and how to improve your chances. In this blog post, sociologist Fabio Rojas provides very useful advice for thinking about how to get into the best possible program. Want more insider information? Nicole Bedera, a graduate student at the University of Michigan,  offers some very valuable advice. Read more here

Looking for a simple strategy to boost your productivity?  Try the Pomodoro Technique!

The Pomodoro Technique consists of working on a single task in 25-minute blocks, with 5-minute breaks in-between. you can read more about it here. And when you are ready to give it a try, you can use this free online timer

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