Massetti Appointed Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems Fellow


Emanuele Massetti

Assistant Professor
Office:  DM Smith 202
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Emanuele Massetti was appointed for his sustainability-related research.

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  • Emanuele Massetti Emanuele Massetti

School of Public Policy Assistant Professor Emanuele Massetti was recently appointed Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems Fellow. Dr. Massetti’s research is aimed at determining the optimal amount of private and public investment in measures aimed at reducing Greenhouse Gases emissions. He believes that a cost-benefit analysis of climate change policy – with all its limitations – provides a useful benchmark to assess if society is using its resources to maximize well-being across generations. The goal of his research is to contribute to the literature on the cost-benefit analysis of climate change policy.

Dr. Massetti is the co-author of the large Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) that has been used by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to formulate climate policy recommendations. Some of Dr. Massetti’s academic accomplishments include dozens of publications on the economics of climate change in international peer-reviewed journals and has written book chapters on the topic. He has also presented at numerous workshops and conferences in five continents. At Georgia Tech, Dr. Massetti is the Instructor of Serve-Learn-Sustain Foundation Sustainable Development class and is the co-director of the Summer Study Program in Venice on Climate Change and Sustainable Development. He is a Serve-Learn-Sustain Food, Water and Energy Systems (FEWS) fellow.

Dr. Massetti’s current work aims to explain climate effects on the economy using large climate and socio-economic datasets.

Dr. Massetti's appointment Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems Fellow as will commence on July 1, 2018.

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