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This award offers substantial scholarships to Duke University's Master of Arts in Bioethics and Science Policy Program.

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Duke Science & Society is proud to announce the 2018 Duke Science & Society Leadership Award offering substantial scholarships to the Duke Master of Arts in Bioethics & Science Policy program. The award will be made to outstanding nominees who demonstrate great potential to become leaders in making scientific advancements more accessible, just, and better integrated into society. 

"The Duke Masters in Bioethics & Science Policy teaches students how to identify, analyze, and propose solutions to myriad complex issues at the intersection of science, technology, ethics, and policy. Our curriculum is distinct in its focus on bioethics and science policy, rather than bioethics or medical ethics alone. Today’s world of rapid progress in the sciences has seen an increased demand for professionals with expertise in the ethical and policy implications of an increasingly broad range of scientific areas. Our broader focus provides a unique education, opens more opportunities to graduating students, and prepares students to meet an ever-growing need in society."

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