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GTMI Staff and Students Continue to Lead and Learn: Awards and Recognitions

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Chris Oberste - Oberste, GTMI Graduate Research Assistant and MSE Ph.D. Candidate & Cytec Doctoral Fellow, has racked up an impressive list of awards, grants, patents AND fellowships in the last few years. The following sums up years of effort and a special expertise honed from study, research, lab work and work ethic: 

Awards and Grants

National Science Foundation, Innovation Corps: $50,000 - July 2016

Georgia Center of Innovation for Manufacturing, Student Startup Funds: $8,000 - May 2016

Georgia Research Alliance, Phase 1 Funding: $50,000 - Mar 2015

1st Place, TIECON Southeast Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition - Apr 2017

Semifinalist, University of Oregon New Venture Championship - Apr 2017

Runner-up, Georgia Tech Venture Lab Pitch Competition - Feb 2017

2nd Place, Georgia Bowl Business Plan Competition - Feb 2017

Finalist, Georgia Tech Start-up Competition - Feb 2016


Oberste, C. et al. 2016.  System and Methods for Continuous Fabrication of Woven Composite Materials. WO. Patent Pending

Oberste, C. et al. 2015. Interlaced Three-Dimensional Printed Composites and Method for Fabricating the Same. United States. Patent Pending.


TI:GER Doctoral Fellowship - Aug 2015-Dec 2016

Cytec Engineered Materials Doctoral Fellowship - Aug 2014 - Present

Georgia Institute of Technology Presidential Fellowship - Aug 2013 – Present

Congratulations, Chris!

Latanya Buckner - Ms. Buckner was accepted into the Georgia Tech Inclusive Leaders Academy, a professional leadership and legacy development program for managers at Tech. The goals of the program are two-fold: 

  • To support managers' career development by creating opportunities to learn and grow.
  • To build a leadership community who will transform the culture at the Institute through modeling inclusive excellence.

Ms. Buckner is the assistant director of business operations at GTMI.

Dr. Richard E. Cowan - Dr. Cowan was one of up to 40 Georgia Tech faculty honored in 2016 as recipient of the Class of 1940 Course Survey Teaching Effectiveness Award. The criteria for selection included a CIOS response rate of at least 85% for Fall and/or Spring semesters with a class size of at least 40 students, and a CIOS score for the question that reads “Overall, this instructor is an effective teacher” of at least 4.9 (out of 5.0). Dr. Cowan is a senior research scientist and the director of the Laboratory for Extreme Tribology & Diagnostics at GTMI.

Dr. Ben Wang - Dr. Wang recently recently served as a panelist for a session at the Airodef Conference held in Texas in early March 2017. Dr. Wang joined in a panel discussion to explore how the Air Force’s Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Program can be responsive to future warfighting game changers such as directed energy, hypersonics, and autonomy, as well as “third offset” technologies. 

The panel included discussion of technology, emerging trends, workforce development, public policy, and legislation required for Air Force ManTech to improve warfighting capability and to reduce acquisition and sustainment costs.

Dr. Wang, who serves as the executive director of the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, was joined by John Russell, Air Force Research Laboratory; Lane Ballard, Boeing Research and Technology; Michael Maher, Maher & Associates, LLC; Ralph Resnick, National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining; and Charles Wessner, Georgetown University.

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