GVU Talk: Foley Scholars and the Inter-Disciplinary Center

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"How the Support of the Inter-Disciplinary Center has Enabled Them to Investigate Questions that Cut Across Technology and Society"

Kelly and Chris, this year's Foley Scholars, will briefly talk about GVU and how the support of the inter-disciplinary center has enabled them to investigate questions that cut across technology and society.

Kelly Caine's research focuses on exploring privacy in computing environments. Specifically, her research focuses on understanding the psychology of privacy across technologies and populations. Recent projects include exploring older adults' privacy in an aware home, investigating privacy-preserving features of online health records, collecting motivations for technology mediated privacy behaviors and feelings across younger and older adults and, most recently, exploring how to preserve privacy by preventing misclosure, or disclosure errors.

Chris Le Dantec is researching the social impact of technology on the urban homeless. As our environment and social connections are further mediated by technology, legitimate participation in society becomes increasingly dependent on access to that technology; however, for marginal populations like the urban homeless, issues of access and appropriately designed technology inhibit participation and use of services. This in turn leads to a widening of the gap from the mainstream to the margin. By working with the urban homeless, we are presented with a rich domestic environment to consider how differences in community values and culture create opportunities for innovative technologies that are inclusive and appropriately situated for marginalized populations.

Kelly is a 6th year PhD student in Engineering Psychology at Georgia Tech. She received her BA in Psychology in 2002 from the University of South Carolina and her MS in Engineering Psychology in 2006 from the Georgia Tech. Her research interests include privacy, human factors, human computer interaction, medical systems, designing for special populations, and cognitive aging. Combining many of these interests, Kelly has studied privacy across computing environments including investigating privacy in homes that contain visual sensing devices, privacy-preserving features of online health records, folk definitions of privacy, motivations for technology mediated privacy behaviors and feelings across younger and older adults, and most recently, disclosure errors or misclosure. More information can be found at www.kellycaine.com.

Christopher Le Dantec, 2008 Foley Scholar and newly anointed Microsoft Research Fellow, is a 3rd year Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. student.

He is advised by Keith Edwards. His research aims to understand the values of individuals not well served by current technologies, to develop design methods appropriate for working with marginalized communities, and to explore the role technology plays and as agent of change. Prior to Georgia Tech, he was an interaction designer with Sun Microsystems and helped establish its interaction design practice in the Czech Republic.

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