3 times Gravel's (MCRP + M. Arch '99) Atlanta Beltline almost didn’t become the Atlanta Beltline

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Ryan Gravel’s real-life story is already becoming the stuff of legend:

How, as a Georgia Tech Architecture and City Planning grad student in the late 1990’s, he hit on what seemed like a sort of out-there thesis idea — take four old railroad “belt lines” encircling downtown Atlanta and link them together to spur development and reconnect communities — and wound up creating the one-of-a-kind, still evolving Atlanta Beltline.

Telling that story again isn’t why Gravel wrote “Where We Want to Live” — not exactly, anyway. Instead, the new book that comes out Tuesday is meant as his big, “Attaboy!” to all of us here in Atlanta. And also, well, his enthusiastic “Keep it up!”

“I really believe we wouldn’t be building the Beltline if it weren’t for the fact that the people of Atlanta fell in love with the idea and made it happen,” Gravel said in an interview. “The real power, as we move forward is that people continue to have that sense of ownership in it.”

And to think it might never have happened. Read the full story on the AJC site.

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