‘On You’ Wearable Computing Exhibit Draws Over 30,000 Attendees, Closes With Alumni Reception

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  • Thad Starner at On You Closing Reception Thad Starner at On You Closing Reception

From the ancient abacus to supercomputers, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., offers an array of rare artifacts and milestones from 2,000 years of “computing” history. This summer at a special exhibition, a new breed of computer drew more than 30,000 visitors and showed how computing has become synonymous with daily life. 

Georgia Tech’s “On You: A Story of Wearable Computing” exhibit curated more than 60 gadgets chronicling the history of making on-body technology a reality. The exhibit showed devices that have been envisioned for consumers and professionals and by “makers.” It showed four major challenges to a consumer wearable computer - power and heat, networking, mobile input, and displays - and the product categories that have resulted.

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