LMC Well Represented at Celebrating Teaching Day at Georgia Tech


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Annual was held on March 26.

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  • Celebrating Teaching Day Celebrating Teaching Day

Celebrating Teaching Day at Georgia Tech featured the work of 23 Brittain Fellows who prepared 21 posters to illustrate their work:

  1. Stephen Addcox and Joshua Hussey — Developing Critical Assessments of Video Games
  2. Phoebe Bronstein and Chelsea Bullock — Team Teaching Teenage Dreams 
  3. John Edgar Browning — Re-telling Dracula and Vampire Fictions: A Multimodal Approach to Modernization
  4. Mauro Carassai — Feminist Readings in the Digital Humanities
  5. Lisa Dusenberry — Adapting Tech Comm for Child Audiences
  6. Annalee Edmondson — The Video Essay Assignment: Teaching Close Reading and Analysis
  7. Amanda Golden — Digital Woolf
  8. Michael James Griffin II —Thinking about Visual Narratives and Visual Design in ENGL 1102
  9. Liz Hutter — Multimodal Research Projects in Technical Communication
  10. Valerie Johnson —Sine Loco: Communicating Through Place and Space
  11. Jonathan Kotchian — Theater Workshops in the Composition Classroom
  12. Noah Mass — Southern Journeys: Past, Present, Regional, and Multimodal
  13. Olga Menagarishvili — Artifacts Activity: Increasing Student Engagement in a Linked Technical Communication / Computer Science Capstone Design Course
  14. Monica Miller —The Composition Classroom as a Maker Space
  15. Iuliu Ratiu — Sustainable Tech
  16. Eric Rettberg — Cultural Infographics
  17. Joy Robinson — Communities of Play: Games in the Tech Comm Classroom
  18. Julia Smith — Business Communication and Designing with C.R.A.P (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity)
  19. Patricia Taylor — The Science, Technology, and Art of Reading 
  20. Christina Van Houten — Technical Communication about Civic Engagement
  21. Caroline Young — The Public Service Campaign: Multimodal Competency and Camps Involvement

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