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Sharon Love Jackson, MBA CAPP

Director, Accounts Payable and Travel

Georgia Tech Procurement and Business Services 7

11 Marietta Street Atlanta, GA  30332-0253


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Procurement and Business Services has introduced a new online vendor profile form

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Procurement and Business Services implemented an enhanced electronic Vendor Profile Form (e-VPF) last April and over 1800 vendors have been set up using this streamlined process. Use of the electronic form makes the process of adding new vendors faster, more secure, and provides better communication to our suppliers and consultants.  The electronic form includes edits to ensure accurate data entry and interfaces with PeopleSoftto streamline the vendor entry process.  Effective immediately, old paper versions of the form will not be accepted.  Please direct all newtrade vendors and consultants to the web form prior to entering a requisition or requesting  payment.  Current active vendors do not need to complete a new form.  Important Reminders:  ¬∑       The new form is required for all new trade vendors, consultants, and other recipients of rents, royalties, stipends, and service payments¬∑      
The new form is optional for research participants, as well as individuals/entities receiving only reimbursements or refunds. ¬∑       This new form is only for US vendors and US tax residents (citizens, green card holders and other permanent residents).  Non-US vendors and tax residents will continue to submit the appropriate IRS W-8 form for initial vendor entry. If you have any questions regarding the form or vendor maintenance processes, please contact to Web VPF:

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