Summer at Tech: Thinking about Fall Undergraduate Research


Christopher Reaves, Ph.D.
Director, Undergraduate Research and Student Innovation

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The summer is a great time for students to use their time to investigate possible research areas and projects of interest.

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The summer is a great time for students to use their time to investigate possible research areas and projects of interest.

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Students interested in research but not sure what area is right for them can be encouraged — summer is the time to find out.

“We always suggest students do a little homework before contacting a faculty member concerning research projects,” said Chris Reaves, director of Undergraduate Research and Student Innovation.

Students can read about what faculty members are doing or peruse their published papers in the Georgia Tech Library. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) also provides a 10-step process for how to get involved in research as a starting point.

Students who are in Atlanta over the summer can also make appointments to visit labs on campus and get a tour from a graduate student, post-doc, or undergraduate researcher. 

“Summer is ideal for meeting researchers in the lab, plus the pace is a little more relaxed,” Reaves said. “It’s also a great time to ask questions and to get a feel for what is really done in that specific research program.” Students can also attend departmental presentations as another means of meeting researchers and learning about current projects.

In some cases, students may also have the opportunity to volunteer in a lab. 

“This is another good way to get a foot in the door,” Reaves said. Many labs host undergraduates from other universities, high school students, and even teachers during the summer. As a result, additional opportunities to be a part of a volunteer project might be available.

Many faculty members ask to see a student’s resume in order to learn more about their experience and leadership skills, so students should take the time to update their resumes in advance of inquiring about a position. 

For more information on how to get involved in research on campus, visit


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