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Students in the Grand Challenges Living Learning Community are finalists in Ideas 2 Serve.

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Congratulations to Alex Flohr and our second year Grand Challenges Team, Runoff Power Generation, for being selected as finalists in the Ideas 2 Serve Competition! The final round of Ideas 2 Serve will be held on Thursday, April 17th at 6pm in TSRB. Everyone is invited to attend and vote for the “People’s Choice Award." Please come and support our fellow Grand Challenges students at this competition.

For more information, please visit:

Alex Flohr is a second year Mechanical engineer working on her project titled MEIS. Medical Emergency Information Service develops methods and processes to rapidly provide personal and medical information about a trauma patient to EMS technicians.

Runoff Power Generation consists of Grand Challengers Zachary Zachow, Sarah Jones, Ethan Smith and Colin Kelsall. Runoff Power Generation is designing a system that collects runoff from bridges and stores it in tanks under the roadway. The high head of the water creates a significant amount of pressure, which will be released through a nozzle that will turn a Pelton wheel connected to a generator. The generator will make electricity on demand for use in the surrounding communities.

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