PhD Andy Quitmeyer has Great Success with Teaching Cybiotic Interaction Undergraduate Class


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In Fall 2013, PhD student Andy Quitmeyer taught a new experimental digital media class called Cybiotic Interaction. Georgia Tech’s Computational Media department set aside a section of LMC 3710 Principles of Interaction Design for PhD students to experiment with teaching digital interactions in the real-world.

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“Calling this class a Cybiotic Interaction class meant that all the projects were based around trying to build digital devices that interacted with the behaviors of non-human living organisms,” Quitmeyer explains. “I made up the this term to describe systems that joined the behavior of digital living agents. The “cy-” prefix comes from cybernetics as well as the digital connotations that come with it, and the “-biotic” part comes from Ingmar Reidel-Kruse’s “biotic games,” where this term is used to describe living creatures that aren’t human or merely just tissues from an organism. Mashing up behaviors of the digital and organismal factors in a project can help us better understand both sides.”

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