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Summary Sentence: Audition for two Spring Productions at DramaTech

Full Summary: Audition for the World Premiere production of Radical Love and/or the Broadway musical hit Young Frankenstein.  

Auditions for Radical Love

Auditions for the world premiere production of Radical Love will be held on Monday, January 6 and Tuesday, January 7 at 7pm at DramaTech Theatre. Please prepare a 1 - 2 minute monologue. The monologue must be memorized.

About the show: Radical Love is an internationally relevant play dealing with pressing Global issues - Muslims and Christians; violence or non-violence; tolerance or intolerance; love or hate. Inspired by a true story, the play originates during dictator Milosevic’s reign in former Yugoslavia where student resistance movement OTPOR is gaining stride by using humor as a weapon. The 1999 NATO bombing of Belgrade, Serbia in support of Albanian Muslims in Kosovo delays their efforts and causes the expulsion of Christians and the formation of a new Muslim state in Europe, Kosovo.

The show opens Friday, February 14 and runs until Saturday, February 22.

Here are some descriptions of the characters:

JELENA: An artist, Christian Orthodox, Serbian. She is a defender of the plight of the Christian Serbians, dislikes and is afraid of Moslems in general, but her sensitive nature is reflected in her kind treatment of the Muslims in the shelter. She is a free spirit and a feminist.

VERA: A Christian Serb, she has fled her native town of Kosovo, where Christians have been persecuted by Muslims. Fear and grief over the destruction of her beloved churches and monasteries in Kosovo drives her hatred of the Muslims. This shows itself in her quick rages and embattled attitude.

MILAN An elderly lawyer and professor from an aristocratic background. He sees the world from a perspective of love, rationality, and respect for life. The father of Ana, who we see and hear as a television news correspondent in America. His knowledge of history is formidable.

ANA A journalist of Yugoslavian origin, now lives in the U.S., and is seen only on the video screen. Her outlook is balanced and global. She is Milan’s daughter.

NIKOLA In his twenties, one of the leaders of the non-violent anti-Milosevic Resistance movement OTPOR. He is an orthodox Christian, but is in love with a Muslim girl from Albania, Ermina. Nikola believes passionately in non-violence, and in using humor as a weapon against the dictator.

ERMINA An Albanian student in Belgrade,she is Muslim and in love with Nikola. Moderate in her religion, she has been hiding out for weeks from Faik, a family friend entrusted with killing her for her involvement with an infidel. She is dressed in a head scarf, but not a burka.

FAIK An Albanian man in his twenties, he has been hired by Ermina’s brothers to kill her for her “dishonor” to her family. He is a a radical Muslim.

UMAR An Albanian politician caught up in the bombing in Belgrade while visiting the Chinese Embassy. A former student of Milan’s, he is an educated, moderate Muslim, but is quick to anger at any attack on his faith, culture, or its actions. He uses a wheelchair; one of his legs has been amputated.

Auditions for Young Frankenstein

Auditions for Young Frankenstein will be held on Wednesday, January 8 and Thursday, January 9 at 7pm. These auditions will require the preparation of 16 to 32 bars of prepared singing as well as a dance and cold read from the script.

Audition Schedule
Dance Auditions - Wednesday 1/8 at 7pm - Student Center Ballroom

Music Audtions - Wednesday 1/8 at 7pm - DramaTech
Acting Auditions - Thursday, 1/9 at 7pm - Student Center Piedmont Room

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