Georgia Tech startup and its revolutionary technology featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

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The Atlanta Business Chronicle features a Georgia Tech startup that uses 3D printing to change the way investment casting is performed.

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The Atlanta Business Chronicle features a Georgia Tech startup that uses 3D printing to change the way investment casting is performed.

A recent article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle highlights the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute’s mission to accelerate innovation and improve manufacturing competitiveness. The article features a cutting-edge technology developed by GTMI’s Dr. Suman Das that has now spun off a VentureLab startup called DDM Systems. The new technology is set to revolutionize the $11.6 billion investment casting industry.

“Our role at GTMI reaches well beyond development of new technologies,” said Dr. Ben Wang, Executive Director at GTMI. “Our goal is to translate our pioneering research into real-world applications. Dr. Das developed this technology in GTMI’s lab as part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Disruptive Manufacturing Technologies program. Collaborating with industry and government partners, his team was able to develop this innovative solution and now this technology will transform a manufacturing process that has been in place for thousands of years. Ultimately, this will improve competitiveness for manufacturers here in the U.S. and around the world.”

Below is an excerpt from the article:

A Georgia Tech startup has developed a 3D printing technology to transform the way costly metal parts, such as aircraft engine turbine blades and vanes, are designed and made. 

DDM Systems Inc.’s new casting method makes possible faster prototype development times, and more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing procedures after a part moves to mass production.

Using additive manufacturing or “3D-printing” technology, DDM Systems can reduce the time it takes to make first castings of prototype turbine engine components from two years to three months or less. It eliminates 90 percent of material waste and reduces manufacturing cost...

To read the full article, visit the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI)

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