Mercury, Venus, Mars


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  • Mercury, Venus, Mars Mercury, Venus, Mars

Concrete and Copper, 2007

Mercury- 4’8”x 2’3” x 1’
Venus- 8’8” x 2’ x 1’6”
Mars- 7’7” x 2’8” x 1’4”

Location: Boggs-Student Center Parking Deck

Artist: Peter Lundberg

Artist Statement:
I think of my sculptures as a view into my unconscious mind, a landscape of very primitive things, rudimentary elements of life, nature, science, spirituality and passion. For both the maker and viewer, sculpture, like music, carries a beat, a pulsing motion directed to and from the soul that when reveled in takes us into dreamlike states of mind. This state leads to questions and answers, uncovering mysteries, which ultimately give meaning to life’s journey.

The process of creation becomes just as crucial as its end goal, which once reached makes it all the more important from the exertion it took. When I take time to appreciate that grueling, dirty and contemplative process that makes art, I find myself rewarded by a greater understanding. The labor, pain, and love of my efforts not only give me meaning but also make me feel alive. Art brings this journey into focus; the sculpture marks its destination.

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