GTMI and TCSG Meet to Discuss Partnership on Manufacturing Education & Workforce Development


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GTMI and TCSG meet to discuss forming a partnership to develop programs on manufacturing education and workforce development

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GTMI and the State Board of the TCSG met recently to discuss the formation of a partnership between the two entities that will advance manufacturing education and workforce development programs between Georgia Tech and the state's 25 technical colleges.

  • GTMI-TCSG Partnership GTMI-TCSG Partnership

The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI) met recently with the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and TCSG Commissioner Ron Jackson to discuss the formation of a partnership between the two entities that will advance manufacturing education and workforce development programs between Georgia Tech and the state’s 25 technical colleges.

The meeting, to introduce TCSG to GTMI’s education and workforce development programs and suggest ways to partner and develop strategic alliances between the two organizations, is a key part of GTMI’s strategy, noted John Morehouse, a Research Engineer and GTMI’s Coordinator for Education and Workforce Development. “We were very excited and honored to have the opportunity to speak before the Board and let them know what we’re about and what we hope to accomplish by partnering with Georgia’s technical colleges.”

“Our mission at GTMI is to educate the next generation of world-class manufacturing innovation leaders,” said Morehouse. Currently, GTMI education programs include research and technology transfer projects, coursework through the Manufacturing Education Certificate Program, partnerships with industry, federal agencies and state government and professional development opportunities through support of the Atlanta and Georgia Tech Chapters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

“We envision developing future educational programs for technical college students that will include internship opportunities (participation in research activities, building prototypes and research equipment), facilities and equipment sharing, as well as joint project development,” he added.

The benefits of a GTMI-TCSG partnership are many to the thousands of students enrolled in the state’s technical colleges. TCSG students can acquire invaluable experience in basic manufacturing research and technology transfer, as well as hands-on collaboration with world-class, global manufacturing companies, gaining critical preparation for successful careers in the growing Georgia advanced manufacturing and innovation ecosystem. In addition, the technical knowledge gained by the students as well as an introduction to Georgia Tech is expected to increase matriculation of TCSG students into Georgia Tech engineering programs. 

GTMI will also reap many benefits from this strong alliance with the TCSG, noted Executive Director Dr. Ben Wang. “We here in GTMI will have access to talented students with critical hands-on skills that are needed to accelerate the translation of fundamental research into high value products. GTMI aims to educate and train the workforce of the future to investigate, collaborate and compete successfully. For every manufacturing job created, more new jobs are created in the supply chain – and even more in the broader economy – which is vital to our nation’s growth and competitiveness.”

TCSG Commissioner Ron Jackson said that “we are honored to partner with GTMI and look forward to our TCSG students and Georgia's manufacturers reaping the benefits of our collaboration. The TCSG State Board is energized by the promise for TCSG, GTMI, Georgia Tech and all the partners.”

The next step to be taken between GTMI and the TCSG will be to form a committee to discuss ways in which to begin formation of the strategic partnership and implement education programs that will build a manufacturing workforce for the future.


Technical College System of Georgia

The State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia is responsible for establishing standards, regulations and policies for the operation of the Technical College System of Georgia, the state's 25 technical colleges, economic development programs, and adult education programs. The Board strives to promote the economic well-being of Georgia citizens by ensuring high quality training and upgrade training and services as a full partner in the expansion of Georgia's economic base. For more information visit:

The Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute

Taking a holistic approach to re-energizing U.S. manufacturing and shepherding new technologies across the valley of death, the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute (GTMI) catalyzes collaborations of industry/government with many units across the Georgia Tech campus - from engineering to science to business to policy. In addition to working closely with academic faculty and students, GTMI personnel collaborate with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership and Georgia Tech’s technology transfer functionaries and business incubators on additive processes, materials, rapid certification and supply chain realignment. For more information visit:

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